Mindful Omaha is a directory of mindfulness centers, teachers, and meditation groups in the Omaha Metro Area.

Mindfulness Outreach Initiative is the most experienced provider of mindfulness meditation practice in the region. MOI works towards the integration of mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness-based approaches by making professional education available to individuals, organizations, and communities. Mindfulness Outreach Initiative works with medical professionals, educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, corporations, recovery programs, community centers, and partners with other nonprofit organizations through diverse outreach and public service initiatives to make meditation instruction accessible to all. Mindfulness Outreach Initiative is Omaha’s vanguard of meditation instruction and mindfulness training. Click here to visit.

The Center represents a group of independent practicing professionals who believe that the transformative power of mindfulness and creativity enhances the therapeutic process. The Center offers both traditional psychotherapy, as well as creative arts therapies, in addition to the opportunity to develop and practice mindfulness skills. Click here to visit.

The Wisdom House is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and growing the mindfulness community. People of all ages and from all walks of life find clarity, wisdom and contentment from the practices of mindfulness. Today we know more than ever about the science behind these practices and their positive effect on emotional well-being, ​health, relationships, and life choices.With confidence that mindfulness can serve our community in uniquely profound ways, Wisdom House supports and funds mindfulness programs and teachers in the hopes of cultivating a thriving and expanding mindfulness community. Click here to visit.

Founded by Julie Luzarraga, Omaha Integrative Care ( OIC ) is dedicated to helping people cope with everyday challenges and navigate transitions in their lives — anxiety, depression, pregnancy, infertility, loss, illness, or any other stress that brings about imbalance. The complementary and intergrative treatments at OIC support you through these life transitions as well as promote overall health and wellness. OIC’s mission is to help you live life to the fullest. OIC offers a Mindful Meditation for Beginners session on Tuesdays at 5:00pm. Click here to visit.

Amy McCae supports individuals and organizations to overcome burnout and reduce stress as well as improve resiliency and communication for improved health, relationships, and success. She focuses on coaching, training, and mindfulness based skills to help you develop higher levels of self-awareness; a key aspect to emotional intelligence. Amy began her practice after spending nearly a decade ill with chronic illnesses and finally finding healing through fitness, nutrition, and mediation. She holds over 16 certifications related to mind body wellness, has been featured on numerous radio shows as well as in magazines and has blogs published around the globe. Amy offers coaching, corporate training, mindfulness meditation sessions, and holistic wellness support. To learn more please visit Click here to visit.

The Honey Locust Sangha, in Omaha, Nebraska, is a community which practices mindful living in the tradition of the Buddhist monk, teacher and author Thich Nhat Hanh. The Honey Locust Sangha is a community of people of diverse religious faiths with a common desire to study and practice mindfulness in order to touch the deep reality of life and to cultivate a heart and mind of love. The Honey Locust Sangha offers weekly sits, and retreats. Click here to visit.